Stress Eating Disorder

3 Binge Eating Disorder: What Make You Anxious About it?

Binge eating disorder is when you eat a huge quantity of foods in short amount of time and you feel out of control what or how much you are consuming, if you binge eating frequently _ at least one time a week for months, probably you have stress eating disorder .

When you faced a stress eating disorder , might be very controlled by you binge eating. also might feel shy and try to hide your issue.
Even your family and close friends may not know you suffer from your binge feeding. 

How is binge disorder totally different from bulimia?

Binge Eating Disorder

Contrary to people stress eating disorder, with mankind who have Bulimia Nervosa they try to prevent become overweight by vomiting, using fasting or workout too much. Continue reading on the next page .


How common is stress eating disorder ?

Binge eating disorder is the most popular eating disorder in America. About 3,5% of adult women and 2% of men suffering from stress eating disorder.
Loss control of feeding affects as often Afro American but other racial and ethnic having also binge feeding disorder.

Who is  develop stress eating ?

Loss control of feeding may be targeted by average body weight but is popular with people who overweight, its crucial to know that most people with an excess of weight have not stress eating disorder.
Painful psychological time in a child such family trouble about your personality. weight or eating also is the beginning of binge feeding disorder, it may be genetics runs in families. 

What health issues may lead to disorder?

Stress eating disorder might lead to health issue related to overweight. Obesity has commonly associated with health problems. Including heart disease, diabetes, cancer. Mankind with stress eating disorder might have depression or anxiety. Some people with binge feeding disorder have also the problems in system digestive or muscle pain.

Symptoms and causes of binge eating

If you have stress eating disorder, you might eat a big amount of meals at a tiny time, you feel like you have no control over your consuming…

You also might:

  • Eat a huge quantity even if you are not hungry.
  • Eat very quickly without chewing slowly your foods.
  • Feel depressed or shamed after overeating
  • If you thought that you or some friends or member of the family might have lost control of consuming share your concerns with friends and family..

What causes stress feeding disorder?

Nobody knows exactly the causes of binge feeding disorder, might result from combined reasons related to genes, feeling and social issues also has been associated with depression and anxiety. Share it with your friends and family.



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