workout for beginners at home female

Stop Wasting Money In GYM- Use These Simple 5 Daily Fitness Routine At Home

Tricep dips.

Works those flabby arms with the classic tricep dips. You must first find a sturdy chair that you can use in this exercise. Sit on the edge of the chair or bench with your knees at 90 degrees. Your hands should be gripping the edge of the seat. Scoot over until your butt is hanging from the chair. Lower yourself to the bottom by bending your elbows. Push yourself back up and repeat.

These no equipment workouts will give your muscles the burn they need to get toned and stronger. Try to do as many reps as you can manage to get a toned physique in no time.



Make your daily fitness routine a little more interesting by listening to one of these podcasts while you workout. https://t.co/oIb38agA7A
workout for beginners at home female


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