Eating Kiwis

Eating Kiwis Every Day, This Can Happen to Your Body

Eating Kiwis are hugely popular all over the world. The flesh is sweet and fresh, but apart from the delicious taste, the kiwifruit contains many nutrients, such as vitamin C, K and E, and folic acid. Additionally, kiwis are also rich in fibres and antioxidants, which can significantly improve the quality of life. Even if you have never eaten a kiwi, you probably still know its taste, as eating kiwis are often used in combination with strawberries in smoothies, fruit juices, cocktails and sauces. Research shows that eating three kiwis a day can have important health benefits. So stop doubting and read on the next page what the kiwifruit can do for your body.

                    Eating Kiwis 7 Health Benefits


Many addition to the varied nutrient profile, the kiwifruit contains many antioxidants, especially vitamin C. By consuming even one cup of kiwi you already exceed the daily recommended amount of vitamin C (but no need to worry, you cannot overdose). Research shows that a diet rich in vitamin C can increase immunity and even prevent diseases such as a cold and the flu. Small children and people over 65 years of age appear to benefit in particular from the protective properties of the kiwifruit. 


Improved digestion

First of all, the kiwi (like most fruits) contains a lot of fibre, which is essential for good digestion. High-fibre diet patterns reduce blockages and keep bowel movements at the right level. However, that’s not the only way the kiwi helps the digestion as it also contains a  enzyme . This enzyme appears to help the decomposition of proteins in food, which provides a fuller and more effective digestion.  you can find even more health benefits of the kiwifruit as well as the surprising results from the research of the Nutrition and Health Institution that you absolutely do not want to miss out on.


A healthier blood pressure

Researchers from the Taiwanese Food and Health Institute found that by eating three kiwis a day, for a period of eight weeks, the bad cholesterol (LDL) was remarkably reduced while the good cholesterol (HDL) had increased. Kiwifruit contains certain bio-active ingredients which have been shown to lower blood pressure. The most likely cause is that the kiwi is rich in lutein, a strong antioxidant. Which is fantastic news since high blood pressure doesn’t show any symptoms until it causes a health crisis, such as a heart attack or a stroke. On the next page, you can read why kiwis help against macular degeneration (MD) disease.

Reduction of visual impairment

Eating Kiwis Every Day, This Can Happen to Your Body 1

One of the main causes of impaired vision is a disease called macular degeneration. Research shows that eating three kiwis a day can protect you from that. In this case, lutein helps to create a compound called zeaxanthin, which reduces the risk of macular degeneration by 36%. It is believed that kiwifruit also protects against the development of cataracts. Kiwis are also good for your cardiovascular health. 


Improve your cardiovascular health

A similar study, this time conducted by the University of Oslo, showed that eating two to three kiwis a day can have a positive effect on your cardiovascular health. The results showed that after participants ate a number of kiwifruit per day, for 28 days, their triglyceride levels had gone down by as much as 15%. The level of platelet aggregation also dropped by 18%. Why is this important? It’s because these two indicators show how ‘sticky’ your blood is. A high level of aggregate platelets and triglycerides means an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. On the next page, you can read why kiwis help against oxidative stress.

Improved general health status

Eating Kiwis

Oxidative stress is a result of cell chaos, which is in turn caused by free radicals and can damage our DNA. This leads to premature ageing as well as many other health problems. There is evidence that, partly due to the antioxidants, regular consumption of kiwi extract or a kiwi can prevent the DNA damage caused by uncontrolled action of the free radicals. Experts know that oxidative DNA damage is closely related to colon cancer, so regular consumption of Eating Kiwis can also reduce the risk of this deadly disease and keep you young at the same time. On the next page, you will find out why you should not throw away the skin of the kiwifruit.

Why you should not throw away the skin of the kiwi?

In fact, it is the skin of this fruit that is the most nutritious. According to scientists, the skin contains three times as many antioxidants as the pulp. In addition, it contains substances that fight bacteria such as staphylococcus and E.coli, and helps you protect yourself from food poisoning. Unfortunately, many people do not think the skin is the tastiest part of the kiwifruit but it certainly can’t hurt to consume it as well.

Warnings in case of potential kiwi allergy

For most people, eating kiwis are safe on a daily basis unless they are allergic to them. The symptoms of a kiwi allergy may be mild, such as tickles in the throat, but they can also occur in the form of swelling of the tongue, difficulty swallowing and even vomiting. Some other allergies increase the risk of sensitivity to kiwis, such as allergies to avocado, wheat, poppy and hazelnuts. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, ask your doctor for an allergy test for kiwifruit.


In rare cases, eating kiwis may also exacerbate blood disorders. They can slow the clotting of the blood or make the bleeding worse. That is why it would be best to avoid kiwis if you bleed a lot or have an operation planned in the near future. A good alternative to kiwifruit to improve the variety of diet is the addition of other high lutein-content nutrients such as broccoli, kale, roots, peas, oranges, peaches, pistachios and eggs.




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