Health Benefit Of Galangal

Amazing 22 Health Benefit Of Galangal That Will Make Your Body Healthier

Let’s talk about health benefit of galangal that’s kind of a spicy flavor reminiscent of ginger but not ginger it’s totally different maybe a little ginger flavor but more to come a licorice eat flavor it’s kind of like licorice ginger together this is galangal root yeah and health benefit of galangal is powerful agent that’s been used for thousands of years and there’s some actually related to ginger but it’s completely different and there’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine it has no side effects whatsoever and helps with inflammation and increases the circulation of the blood.


Health Benefit Of Galangal


Health benefits of galangal

I’m gonna get into here it’s a root kind of looks like ginger but slightly differ a little more white on the outside they have green leaves and long reddish kinda stems  it’s really easy to grow it’ll grow just about everywhere and it grows in lots of different places in the world so you could probably grow it where you’re here at if you have you know really cold winters it’ll probably die back but it’ll come back up as a root so not a problem it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory no inflammation is the first step towards disease. What is health benefit of galangal ?

  • Skin problems

health benefits of fresh galangal

your skin make a little water and add it onto your skin also works great that way too it’s great tastes kind of like I said you know licorice a ginger  kind of flavor and very easy to grow and add a little Stevia or a little honey to it and really good heals acne and it helps to get rid of irritated skin and acne

  • Health Benefit Of Galangal for Dandruff

Great for dandruff if you have dandruff you know you add just a little olive oil and massage it into your scalp

  • Hiccups 

It seemed to work well for getting rid of kind of hiccups you know if you ever had and a terrible bout of hiccups that could be devastating so think about that

  • Slows the anti aging

It’s an anti-aging compound and really helps to get rid of the free radicals that are going on in your body and you get rid of those free radicals we slow

the aging process it’s great for headaches and migraines and also it helps to relax and soothe so get rid of the tension headaches.

  • Health Benefit Of Galangal for Lowers blood sugar

Health Benefit Of Galangal for Lowers blood sugar

Another thing it lowers blood sugar and it helps to stabilize blood sugar so if we were diabetic you might want to take some good old ilonggo root so that’s

  • High antioxidants

Another great attribute of this wonderful root full of antioxidants I mean it has corset and a whole bunch of galangal in beta’s sester all apple in all kinds of
different just about 20-some different antioxidants in that it’s also great for the GI tract if you have gas or you have GI upset and just inflammation or regio tract

  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

Even want to take some longer route that’s one of these things that you want to keep around handy all the time and also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides so if you have high Triggs which we’re thinking is related to also some things like cancer and stuff like that too and also cholesterol which of course is related to heart attacks and all kinds of different things so we need to lower that LDL bad cholesterol and start to get those HDL is up there and then we can do it with some galangal root

  • Health Benefit Of Galangal for Insomnia

Health Benefit Of Galangal for Insomnia

Also it induces sleep  great if you have insomnia try some galangal before we’re going into bed you know take a teaspoon and add it to a cup of water boiling water and let us you know sit for a few minutes and then drink it before going to bed

  • May help prevent cancer

It helps to prevent cancer great antioxidant so helped her bring cancer in general also it slows the growth of tumors which is really important

  • May help cleanse your liver

It’s great for the liver then the heart helping to prevent damage from toxic chemicals so in this world that we
have now with lots of toxic chemicals we gotta get make sure that we deal well there’s liver impact and also the heart

  • May help lowers fevers

Health Benefit Of Galangal for low fevers

Really it also lowers fevers so if you you know just like good old white willow I think it’s important to lower fevers because that can be deadly and if you know I have a child with fevers and this doesn’t have any side effects so an older child this is a great way to lower that fever

  • May help bad body odor

It’s a freshens breath because they have that gingery licorice kind of flavor and also it’s a deodorizer if you have bad body odor you might want to try taking some galangal root and taking the tea because that’ll help to change your body odor and also it’s a soothing for liver and gets rid of liver problems

  • Helps get rid of infections

Health Benefit Of Galangal for bacteria and virus

It’s antibacterial can help with all kinds of different types of bacteria which you can help to get rid of if you have an infection also great for motion sickness .

  • May helps get rid of coughs and mucus

Health Benefit Of Galangal for cough and mucus

Also it’s great for coughs and mucus and it helped to get rid of coughs and then get rid of lower down the mucus and helped to clear the lungs which is really great and it helps to get rid of respiratory challenges like asthma
and bronchitis any type of inflammation of the lungs so taking a teaspoon of the galangal root in the hot water and letting us steep for about 10-15 minutes and then drinking it really good it warms the body .

  • May help increase energy and stamina

Great for stamina and if you want more get up and go taking some good ole galangal roof which is together with garlic and hot peppers and galangal root with tamarind is a great way to increase energy and stamina also used in cooking and in all kinds of Asian countries that use galangal root and you slice up the root and put it in there really a wonderful addition especially in Thai cooking they used a lot and also the it can be used you know just to smell it is wonderful

  • Health Benefit Of Galangal for Prevent heart attacks

Health Benefit Of Galangal for Prevent heart attacks

Cardiovascular disease strokes and helps with all kinds of conditions and I think it’s really important because it was a study done in Germany in Switzerland and Austria showing that galangal root can help to prevent heart attacks and increase circulation the coronary arteries so very interesting so if you have poor circulation in your coronary

  • It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Heals a gastric problems
  • Works great for arthritis
  • Helps with asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Balance your hormonal

Side Effects of Galangal

I think it’s really important that we use herbs like this which have no side effects and there’s kind of like a food

there’s been really no side effects to it but of course it should be used in you know moderation and you know you can kill yourself just drinking too much water and of course it use it in moderation it it can release and
slow down the release of a lipase from the camp from the pancreas so if you have digestive problems and that way you might not want to use it but on in general.

Anybody is nursing or pregnant or small children should not be using him because that’s a just regular common sense type of thing so I recommend that you use it for seven to ten days and then give it a week off and then come back to it if you want to use it for long term.


Health benefit of galangal are known for his used it for thousands of years so if you really want to make a difference in your life here is a great easy to use and tasty wonderful herb that will do your body for good

I hope you’ll share it with friends and family have a great day

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