Mediterranean Diet

10 Reason You Should Follow A Mediterranean Diet To Stay Healthy

You are what you eat mediterranean diet to stay healthy may reflect your brain, anti-aging, weight loss, heart, and eyes. While genetics and move in the day play a part, according to nutritionist Rick Hay diet therapy is by far the most important factor.

“it’s well-known that what you eat reflect your body weight and a plant-based diet is a solution to the radical complexion,” says Rick. the same principle affect the rest of your body, Here Rick goes deeply what you should eat to turn back to biologic a clock:

Mediterranean Diet To Stay Healthy

Go the Mediterranean
The best way to lose body fat naturally is through food is the Mediterranean diet. its well knew that cooking of France, Spain, Greece, and Italy are good for us, which include olive oils, spices fruits, veggies. seeds, nuts, lean meal has been shown a big impact on cardiovascular. And when your health is healthy, you feel younger and active all day without feeling tiredness.

The rainbow diet

Mediterranean Diet To Stay Healthy

The main issue with average US people diet is that we don’t eat enough colorful foods. Much of what we consume fast foods, sandwiches bagel, junk foods they ‘re just fulling stomach without nutrient value, with so much of offer never been easy to eat bad food.
Instead. we should be consuming a variety of colorful fruits and veggie-rich on vitamin and antioxidants our body uses phytonutrients to reduce inflammation, its critical to includes a variety on your meals.

Obesity issue
Maintain a good shape is very important when it comes to health and body weight. In the US One in four adults are obese and the number is rising each year.

Eating a plant-based diet will help to keep your weight within a normal range, consuming colorful foods are a good source of fiber when you eat more fiber help you stay fuller for longer and less likely to eat more.

Eat less meat

Mediterranean diet
the modern diet relies on meat consuming each day but it’s fine to include it in your diet once a week but instead of meat replace it with fish its awesome alternative, our parents taught to eat meat because it was the most expensive thing on the plate. this a good economic advice but not good nutrition, if you replace it with fish with a handful of veggie all your body will function better


A plant-based diet is a key to a youthful look, snack on nuts and seeds which contain omega 3, vitamins E, C, A and lean protein help with immune system function also boost your metabolism, good mobility will allow you to work out and will keep you looking and younger

Ginger, turmeric, and garlic have anti-inflammatory characteristic so add them to our foods and your drinks expert has shown that oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon reduce joints inflammation.


Your heart keeps your whole body going smoothly, so give it a small push, onion is rich in quercetin, which boosts blood flow, sardine and flax seeds provide protection for your heart with healthy omega fats. legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans are high in fiber keeps your cholesterol levels healthy.

The liver works hard to cleanse the body damaging toxins that cause all major disease, grapefruit reduces inflammation and speeds up fat metabolism so include it in breakfast olive oil help liver enzyme health.

Studies show mediterranean diet to stay healthy such fish oil, nuts, tea, avocado, and olive oils help reduce fatty liver, Never mind the Mediterranean Diet is the most powerful regime you should put in consideration because that helps your body go back to the biologic clock which means you don’t have to worry about body fat, your heart, liver, brain, eyes. all your body work smoothly.









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